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Preamble to Prelude to Procrastination on the Way to Inspiration

So, what do you do when you've set yourself a deadline to be creative and you have very little to say?

(Unrelated bowl of beautiful blue-green eggs generously provided by Olive, who always knows what to create, if not always where.)

You can walk away, of course, but you can only break so many promises to yourself before the withering scorn sets in. A less injurious plan is to put it off.

Online shopping provides a wonderful waiting room, complete with drinks and snacks. Especially when you can justify it because you've always bought yourself a birthday gift.

Some years you might need two presents. Especially if you can classify them as creative tools.

Check the hopper. Has it shaken any of those half-formed ideas into finished pieces?


Clean the cat boxes, do the dishes, take out the trash. Anything?





Blah. Even with the secret robin.

You haven't gotten out much this week, Thomas.

Yeah, well.

Some weeks are like that, said the little blue house to the sky.

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