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Shameless Photo Brag Via the Singling-out Celebration of a Fabulous Family

Christmas 2015: Sophie Monster, Brian, Sean, Kira, Cat, and Yuna Fish at home on Wendover Drive

As with many of our favorite people, our family got to know the Carrolls through Reed, because even at four, he had great taste in humans (also animals, but that's for another post). Reed was fortunate to attend pre-pre-K at the wonderful Little Learners, conveniently located around the corner from us and skilled at dispensing gentle loving education of little people in the process of learning which hand to use for a pencil and how to be away from home for the first time.

In class, Reed made fast friends with Sean Carroll, and my Sean and I got to know his one-of-a-kind-fantastic family through boy playdates, and when I started wanting to take photos of subjects beyond my feet, I recruited them, because who in their right mind wouldn't, this family is glorgeous (glorious + gorgeous, lest you think I didn't type that on purpose). The camera adores them and so do I.

So, in the model of a Peloton instructor who just wants to appreciate the music rather than talking over it, I will leave you with these beautiful faces and their easy, expressive, full and goofing family love, as well as my deep and sincere appreciation of getting to photograph them at least once a year and sometimes, on lucky occasions, more than that.

2016: Crab Meadow Beach

2016: Cat and Kira at (new) home in East Northport

2017: at home

2017: Fleets Cove Beach

2018: West Neck Beach

2019: Gold Star Beach/Coindre Hall

2020: Cold Spring Harbor Labs

2021: Sagamore Hill

Thank you, delightful and photogenic friends! :)

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