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family sessions

Hi! Let’s schedule a session! For softer light, I prefer to schedule in the morning or late afternoon/early evening. Allow enough space in your day for our time together to feel leisurely. Making photos is a collaborative effort, and it works best if you’re not feeling pressured (for that reason, I don’t offer mini-sessions). A typical session might be forty-five minutes if the littles are cranky, or it might be an hour and a half if we’re having fun (I promise it can happen).


I’m happy to come to your home and photograph your family both indoors and outdoors; in fact, I prefer it, since I feel strongly that your space is not only your comfort zone but where your most important memories are made. If you’d rather go elsewhere, I will recommend scenic outdoor spots where I enjoy shooting.

Be sure everyone is fed and watered beforehand so Dad isn’t annoyed that he didn’t have time for his egg sandwich. Bribes are totally acceptable (M&M’s work well). 


Dress in clothes that are comfortable and make you feel great about yourself. If you’re dressed up or you’ve settled on a color scheme, that’s fine but absolutely not a requirement. If an Adidas sweatshirt is the only thing you can get your kid to wear, let’s roll. Try not to mind that Grandma has on plaid and Aunt Susan is wearing stripes. Instead, focus on the essence of you and your loved ones. The emotion between you is what brings you together, not your blending colors. 


I’m not going to give you much direction, because the end result shouldn’t be my vision of you; it should be you, being yourself. If that means one of your two-year-old twins just bit his brother in the arm, let’s photograph everybody in tears and then tape it up (I carry Band-Aids in my bag), because this is life. This is your life. A tiny blip on a growth ring of your family’s tree. Maybe a scar on your son’s arm. Definitely a memory. A marker of who each one of you is, individually and together.



My rate is $400, and that includes the session itself, plus all the curated, edited images delivered via online gallery for high-resolution digital download, either individually or as a zip file. All the images are yours to keep and use as you wish, and there is no expiration date on the gallery.

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