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When I photograph an event, I’ll ask you beforehand what groupings you’d like; at the event, we’ll get those out of the way first. After all the guests arrive, I’ll make the rounds and get a photo of everyone in attendance. Throughout, I’ll keep an eye on you, so if you want a particular shot, I can be right there for it. Otherwise, I’ll be looking for the hidden treasure, and you’ll be free to enjoy your event.


You’ll often see me hanging back and observing, camera at the ready. That’s how I get the shot of your mom sitting on her feet at the table like a little girl. Your smallest son dancing on the perimeter while watching his sister turn sixteen with her friends. Your twelve-year-old, bored to death without her phone, but look, there’s one perfect shot of her in profile, teetering right on the edge between young girl and all grown up.

Because every event is a series of moments,

but more important—

every moment is an event.


My event rate is $350 for the first hour and $300 for every hour thereafter, and that includes my time plus all the curated, edited images delivered via online gallery for high-resolution digital download, either individually or as a zip file. All the images are yours to keep and use as you wish, and there is no expiration date on the gallery.

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