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"Our City Can Kick Your City's Ass"

Over dinner last Friday night, I said to Sean and Reed, "Would anybody like to drive into the city tomorrow?" and while Sean was considering, Reed said, "Who wouldn't, Mom?" and it was a done deal. It's one of my favorite things about him, how much he loves the city.

So we went. All we planned to do was walk around. That's always been the only thing I ever need to do in the city, whether I'm living there or haven't been there in over a grief year.

I'd been extravagantly warned about the sadness. And yes, there was that.

But see, there's this thing about New York.

New York says, "I'll see your misfortune. And I'll raise you."

Give more. Enjoy more.

While Rudy Giuliani has become a regrettable caricature of a person, once upon a time he went on TV and told the world, "Our city can kick your city's ass." He will always have a molecule of my heart for that (and only that).

Because it can. NY FOR EVER.

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