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For Patty, with Love from the Crew

This week was spring break for us. We're not quite ready to travel yet. So we've been home, where it's been March, which is to say warm and sunny and glorious and raining and winding and freezing and gray.

And chicken.

It has been very, very chicken.

Even more so than usual, thanks to Patty, who sent us an astonishing, wondrous, beyond generous box of love in the form of hand-knitted scarves for all of us. Including the birds.

Honestly, I'm not even going to tell you how gorgeous the human scarves are because I don't want to make you jealous. (Although I can't resist saying that I had told Patty I'm an Outlander fan and she ever so thoughtfully responded to my admission with a replica of Claire's cowl in a luscious, creamy shade of oatmeal and when I took it out of the box I immediately snuggled myself up in it and wore it for approximately forty-eleven hours.)

As for the birds? Well, some of them seemed a little less grateful than others. Not naming names.

Some of them proved to be rather adept little contortionist Houdinis.

(Jk. In this one she's smiling.)

It was only Laverne and Daisy, however, who understood the magnitude of the gift enough to send Patty some Blue Steel.

We love you, Patty, from the bottom of our feathered feet to the top of our little red comb.


The Birbs

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