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Florida (orig. pub. 1/14/16)

My son and husband and I spent the holidays in Florida with my parents. I lived in Jacksonville from ages 2 to 14, and then my parents started moving, and then I moved some more on my own; so it’s not home, exactly, but I like visiting.

untitled-1PINIt’s a weirdly off-putting place, hot and humid and full of prickly growth and poisonous creatures . . .


untitled-1-2PINI can never figure out how the early settlers managed to beat back the vegetation long enough to make a living.

untitled-1-11PINAnd yet the place is absurdly compelling, with all those sugar-sand beaches and extravagant birds. Oh man, the birds! I bought a 100-400mm last year to take pictures of LI songbirds, and lugged it along to FL, which it turns out is where the lens would rather live. Apologies to the cardinals, but a cormorant is hard to beat.


untitled-1-5PINPelicans are NUTS. I could watch them all day long.


(The feeling might be mutual.)


They fly in formation, nearly skimming the water, the line of them undulating and dipping and crescendoing over the waves. They’re positively prehistoric-looking.

untitled-1-8PINI don’t even know what this guy is, but I watched him spear and gulp down a crab (that photo was too gross to share), and isn’t he awesome?

untitled-1-13PINSo, as much as Florida is for the birds, it’s also for the fisherfolk, who are out in force, bristling with rods and lines.




Dogs like it down there too.


And kids. Let’s not forget kids.



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