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Featured Session: The Ettinger Family

I’m running late on posting my photographic celebration of the Ettinger family. But as the fourth human family member ran quite a bit early, I’m thinking nobody is in the mood to mind a little delay.  🙂

untitledPINSo, without further ado, meet Daphne the Dog, Amanda and the then-forthcoming wee Harper, Jonathan, Abigail, and Fink the Cat’s tail.


They live in a beautiful part of Queens in a garden apartment big enough to do cartwheels in, a feature that Abigail takes abundant advantage of.

untitled-4PINAbigail is six and one of the most incandescent kids I’ve ever met. She prefers licks to kisses.


But you might catch her unawares, such as when she’s comparing her (assisted) height to yours, and she’ll forget to protest.


You might think she’s posing, but really, she’s just pausing . . .


. . . because every moment contains the possibility for a cartwheel.


I can’t wait for part 2 of the family session, when I’ll get to meet baby Harper.


I’m betting (hoping!) she’ll be every bit as much of a pistol as her sister.




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