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meetbethPINWelcome to ebeth photography!

How did I arrive at “ebeth”? Well, I’m Emily Beth Thomas, but I’ve always gone by Beth, which prompted the use of the initial E., and somewhere along the way friends dubbed me ebeth. As for “photography”? I started taking pictures when I was nine and my grandma in Virginia saved up green stamps to buy me a little 110. I went around snapping shots of my feet, and Grandma’s kittens and tiger lilies, and Brownie the dog (who Granddad said I could pretend was mine since I wasn’t allowed a dog at home).

For a long time I worked with words–I have an MFA in writing, and I’m still a freelance book editor–and when I was a kid I played piano and saxophone pretty seriously. I’m still passionate about music and words, and it turns out they aren’t so far removed from the visual world: There’s music in language, and there’s language in imagery. I carry my camera everywhere I go, because you never know, you might just need the DSLR at the dentist! I really enjoy people and animals and the outdoors and happy occasions, and I would love nothing more than for me and my camera to be a part of yours.